Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The genius of 3 Idiots

Tens & and hundreds of reviews have already been done on this movie. Thousands worldwide have watched it and millions in moolah raked in the first 10 days. 

I watched the movie twice in the last 7 days across 2 countries and despite so much already written about it – I am tempted to offer a little tribute myself to the genius of 3 Idiots (pardon the oxymoron).

Talk about using a channel well to get a message across. 3 idiots is a brilliant example of a serious message being conveyed through a film that is at once funny, sensitive and utterly lovable.

Right from the word 'go' the script grips you and you are laughing, crying and holding your breath in a brilliant roller-coaster of a film. 

This is another stupendous act by Aamir Khan. However, the credit for direction goes to Rajkumar Hirani. One slip and the film could have gone anywhere. But Raj keeps the focus tight and the pace unrelenting. 

Madhavan and Sharman Joshi as Aamir’s idiotic friends are very commendable. The real heroes however are Omi Vaidya as "Silencer" Chatur Ramalingam and Boman Irani as Prof “Virus” – Viru Sahasrabuddhe. 

If we are laughing hours and days after watching the movie – it is because of Chatur (Omi ) -the typical bespectacled, close collared, text-book toting, subject roting, America loving student. He unleashes havoc with his accent that is a cross between Tamilian-Ugandan –American. I could watch this movie another 10 times, see something new each time and die laughing, – oh boy!

And as for Boman Irani,– this has got to be his best performance so far. The jowl, the frown, the lisp, the gait, the shuffle – the whole act of an eccentric Professor is just perfect. No silliness here for the sake of comedy. Boman, along with Omi, holds up the mirror to a Viru or a Chatur that is present in a lot of us – living and dying by someone else's yardstick; following systems; trapped and unable to see beyond grades, marks, degrees, salaries, numbers, data, surveys, graphs and dashboards.

The music is very hummable and grows on you. Of course, there is the odd dramatic and hard to believe scene here and there – engineering students delivering a baby with a vacuum cleaner; or a lifeless baby kicking to life when it hears – “all is well”.

But who cares? Simply suspend your disbelief, enjoy the film, come out and do “mutra visarjan” on the stupid system - if you are caught in one.

Didn’t get it, idiot? Never mind. All izz well.

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