Sunday, December 27, 2009

Appalling Ironies - A verdict after 19 years, A Cricket Pitch & A Poor Cleaner

In a matter of hours, the electronic media picked up and flashed the shocking verdict of 6 months in jail for a DGP who molested a 14 year old and ultimately drove her to commit suicide. A verdict that came after 19 years. We - the People are pained, shocked, disgusted and very angry. Just a few days back, we were blissfully unaware of the harrowing 19 years that the family has been going through, only to stare at this ridiculous verdict.

The initial anger & shock, followed by a frenzy of debate, discussions, tweets & blogs is routinely followed by no action. When the news begins to fade from the TV screens, most of us will go back to our routine (the familiarity of the daily routine is so safe and comforting). The impotence post the frenzy is ironical. The predictability of the pattern is ironical. The anger is real. The non-action is equally real.

And then, there is more irony. A highly respected and retired cricketer called the pich preparation in Feroz Shah Kotla "shocking" that resulted in an important match being called off. The crowds are angry that they are robbed of their match. Such injustice !

And finally a poor cleaner, desperate to reach his country, resorting to desperate (but harmless measures) is promptly arrested. The law will deal with him swiftly. He will be condemned to unspeakable pain and torture, while the DGP will walk away laughing after securing bail. Or will he? Here's power to us, the people, to wipe out these ironies.

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