Sunday, February 7, 2016


My work description:

We started four years ago
Brimming with energy and lots of gusto
Some excited freshers, some more seasoned
A plan drawn and a strategy reasoned

Little imagining the thrilling paradox 
Getting marketing off the blocks
For an institution 143 years old 
An experience worth its weight in gold

Inspired by leaders unfailing in devotion
Humbled by engineers undaunted in mission 
Listening to technocrats and academicians
Learning again from scientists and mathematicians

Making a promise to be relevant
New ideas for engagement
Sharing insights and knowledge
Building bridges for industry, school and college

Talks, Lectures, Awards and Scholarships
Associates, Affiliates and rich partnerships 
Conceived Member Matters, today a sweet sixteen
An ode to Members & Partners, their fervour so keen

Cheering a lead here, celebrating a clip there
The joy of click through rates spicing up the campaign affair
Websites launched, not to forget Facebook and Twitter
Helping to spread the word, making conversations better

An eye on the KPI and a focus on the goal
All plans combed, every project made whole
Testing every idea and property 
Asking – 
Will it stand today, tomorrow and for posterity?

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