Saturday, September 5, 2015

When customer service feels better than a buying experience

Hark back to the days when companies invested all their time and effort in creating the best experience in sales showroom (brick & mortar or online). Best locations, fancy interiors / layouts, eye-catching displays, and trained and courteous staff. Service centres / exchange counters were relegated to dingy outlets or basements, with no process or promise to speak of. So when your product needs service, frustration is high.

All this changes with Apple iCare.

My experience with the iCare centre was nothing short of Customer Delight with a 5-star rating.  Walk into an Apple iCare centre and you will know that once again Apple shows the way. Known as masters of product innovation, they have extended their passion to customer service as well.

Apple is known to be ultra-fastidious about how their product showrooms look. The Apple iCare customer service centres are no different. Every franchisee has to adhere to the guidelines to the last hair’s breadth.

An iPad at the entrance lets you register yourself and get a (paperless) token no. Pristine white benches, arranged in military precision allow customers to wait while their token and counter No. is announced on large plasma screens. Expert and friendly iCare staff behind equally pristine white counters will help you with the problem and provide solutions. All key transactions are reinforced and updated with regular SMS and email messages. What’s more, the iCare centres are open all 7 days for about 10 to 12 hours.

Welcome to fabulous customer service that at times looks and feels better than a buying experience!

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