Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My test drives of 3 fabulous compact SUVs

January 2015 saw some serious test driving of 3 compact SUVs. Each car gave a fabulous experience of power, design and luxury. If you are looking for a compact SUV, self-driven, city driving, then this review of the Ivy League of the Compact SUVs - Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Volvo V40 Cross Country may add to your information and insights. This post below reviews the Q3. The reviews for BMW X1 and V40 in the same blog page below.

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Audi Q3

Sporty, urbane and formal all at once – that’s the Q3 for you. It’s great to take out on an adventure, roll in to a hotel driveway or simply drive it to work. This 5-seater, with a 2.0 litre diesel engine, looks impressive from the outside. Not too big, not too small, the elegantly shaped Xenon lights and LED bulbs call for attention. 

At 175mm ground clearance, the Q3 has the best view among the three cars I drove. The famous Bengaluru roads, pot holes and unscientific speed breakers were all traversed with unbelievable ease. Pick up was effortless, the engine responding smoothly to rev and acceleration. I didn’t get a chance to experience their famous Quattro technology, but the suspension at 100 km/h at a bend felt a bit soft which may not be good.

The interiors are spacious, but if you think five people is a given, remember the 5th person at the centre back-seat will be a bit uncomfortable. Rear leg space and thigh support could have been a tad better. The console looks very good and the sun roof converts into a moon roof in the night.

The Q3 offers a pretty silent cabin, cutting out city noise effectively.  For mini families of four who like to drive out of town regularly, the 460 ltrs boot space offers the largest space among the three cars. 

Overall:Best buy in the compact SUV segment. What you’ll own is the undeniable stamp of engineering excellence from a great brand.

If you…are fanatic about German technology and a No.1 brand, then the Audi Q3 it is.

Read review of my test drives of the BMW X1 and Volvo V40 Cross Country on my blog page below.

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