Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BMW X1 - Power and engineering excellence


At 157 mm ground clearance, I personally felt that the X1 could not be called a mini SUV. It didn’t give me the commanding view of the Q3, but the 2.0 litre diesel engine was definitely better than the Audi Q3 in terms of performance. Pick up was effortless and some features like automatic switch off when the car stops at a signal etc., were cool.

I am personally not a fan of the famous BMW kidney grill and elongated bonnet, so that was a minus. The all-black interiors were gloomy; the console is quite ordinary to look at and boot space at 380 ltrs was smaller than the Q3. The rear leg space felt more cramped than the Q3 (but I am not sure if it actually is). For me, the biggest minus, after the kidney grill was the absence of a spare tyre. While BMW does claim that its famous RFT (Run Flat Tyre) will help you go at 100+ kms with a puncture, it still makes me nervous not to have a spare.

Of course, all or most of the standard safety, comfort and luxury features seen in the Q3 are available with X1.

Overall: Best priced in this segment (especially against the Q3).

If you…have always aspired to own a BMW and looking to upgrade, this is one. Go for the Sportsline version and indulge yourself a bit.

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