Sunday, September 14, 2014

Two Bad Ads

“Boss ko bolo wife bula rahi hai” 

Airtel TV ad has attracted a share of attention (mostly criticism). The feminist attempt is tacky, with glaring contradictions that are difficult to digest. The biggest one is –the “boss” is sitting in the corner office is a task master, will not budge and expect the team to stay back and work. She does not stay back to work with the team, but has a heart of gold to go and home and cook for the husband who she ordered to stay back and work in the office.

While it is easy not to like the Airtel ad, it is not so with another TV ad currently doing the rounds. 

The ‘Bold Look of Kohler’ ad almost succeeds in enticing the viewer with its attempt at class. The concept and execution is so sophisticated that the viewer almost falls for it. Almost.

The ad tells the viewer to experience the new range of Kohler’s toilet bathroom fittings. Looks like the toilet does all the cleaning without one having to lift a finger (pun unintended!). The accompanying sentimental copy tries to draw the viewer into a make-believe world of - “Hands are made to play; hands are made to share; hands are made for joy; hands are made for love” 

So what happens to “hands are made for” - washing the bedridden; feeding the lepers; treating a bed-sore; pushing a wheel-chair? How about hands that tare made for lifting loads of stone and sand?

The discriminatory tone of the ad is apparent. It is elitist and has terrible snob value.

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