Thursday, November 18, 2010

Airtel's logo cosmetology

'Brand Cosmetology: Skin deep or true value'. I wrote this blog a few days back and it seems that the timing is just perfect. Airtel unveiled its new logo today. I have been a loyal customer of Airtel for the last 4 years and here's my verdict, as a customer - "I don't care. It doesn't excite me. I am not sure what difference it makes in my life." And I want to ask Airtel - "What's in it for me?" I upgraded to a new Android smart phone last weekend and I am still unable to get my mail box set up because Airtel does not have a GPRS support number that can be dialed from a landline. Every time I call their support team they patiently tell me that my phone will not be able to download the mailbox settings, while it is in use and therefore I will need to call them from another mobile. So, till I can request someone to part with their mobile phone for at least 20 minutes, I will be left without a mail box.

That was the customer perspective.

Click here - to read a brand and marketing professional's perspective.

What do you think?

News link for Airtel announces new logo -

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