Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of LinkedIn Connections & Recommendations

I opened my LinkedIn account sometime in 2004 and it remained dormant for four years. Sometime in 2008, the noise around it was too loud to ignore so I started to use it more actively - updating my profile in bits and pieces. I still have only about 28 connections - nothing compared to the 300-500+ connections that some of my friends and colleagues boast of.

Why would you want to be connected to someone on LinkedIn when you share office space just a few feet away, meet and talk everyday? Okay, so it's not being connected with your colleague, but your colleague's network. But how do you connect with your connection's network when the connections are not open for viewing? Beats the law of networking guyz.

Then there are the recommendations on LinkedIn. Some (not all) of the stuff ranges from the amusing to the downright ludicrous. After some thinking, I arrived at a method to gauge the reality behind the recommendation. It's simple - look for all the things that have NOT been said in the recommendation and you'll have your answers.

Try it and let me know.

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